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Monday, July 30th, 2007
9:58 pm
2 years later
wow, i can't believe it has been 2 years since i last updated this thing.  well, by popular request (i miss you kat!!!), here is just a quick note to sum up everything...

~ I finally graduated from Felician with my B.A. in Philosophy, History, and Political Science...graduated with honors and all that...they even gave they 'Legacy' award....announced at the end of the ceremony...woot

~day after graduation, I flew to Japan for 3 weeks to participate in an international symposium and massive amounts of sightseeing...i am still in awe of that beautiful country

~last week I broke up with my gf of 5 months...just wasn't meant to be, so that went fine for me....

~i've been interning at the UN since january

~friday i leave to go on a short family vacation to the north woods of wisconsin which i am looking forward to

~ i get back aug. 14th, then i have one whole day to finish packing for my move to Washington DC on the 16th to start my graduate studies at American U....which i am starting to think about adding or changing a major...

that is about it for now....i think

miss you all!

Current Mood: chipper
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
4:05 am
so it has been forever.
i don't know if anyone even looks at this anymore, but i guess my insomnia will lead me to write anyway. i think my battle over my house will soon be over. the judge ruled in my favor in a big way. he didn't deserve anything, but smith still will get 20k, but that is a hell of a lot less than the 150k that mother fucker said he was entitled to. i think my dad would be kind of happy with this outcome. scott and i have been fixing up the house non stop. he has been more help than i ever could have hoped for. we are acually close to having the entire house somewhat clean. it is kind of a strange feeling, lol. i finished my first two summer classes last week, and have already started the second summer session. i need to finish my degrees so i can move on to my masters and doctorate. maybe one day i'll even figure out exactly how i can change this world. i feel like such an asshole for forgetting about my best friend's birthday. hopefully she will forgive me and never forget how much she means to me. there are acually quite a few people i haven't talked to in far too long. reguardless, there is no reason i don't talk to her more often...i need too. anyway...this summer is going to fly by. summer 2 will go pretty fast, even though i hate computers. scott and sarah will be married soon, then i'm off to wisconsin for a week, then i get to have about a full month of summer vacation. i really want to get to gettysburg this summer, and hopefully down to dc for a few days. if only i wasn't broke. life is too short to be broke.
it is weird what insomnia does to the mind. for the most part i can acually block out all the bullshit of my day, and focus on what matters. then i realize how much matters, and have trouble focusing on anything imparticular. i really need to get more reading done. i have so many books, and haven't been reading at all lately. wow...i don't think any of this has made any sense except in my mind. so many things i want to say...can't say...can't understand myself....
well, for anyone reading this...i do miss you all, and hopefully will be around more.

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
11:57 pm
Meditate and Destroy
Wow, so this weekend kicked a hell of a lot of ass! Friday was rather uneventful, but I did go to the Whiskey Cafe in Lynhurst. Not my type of scene AT ALL, but got to hang out with friends, so that was cool...with only minor problems (a sad friend), but that was mostly alcohol...i hope.

Saturday, I went to a philosophy conference at UMDNJ (or something like that) on the Ethics of Eating. I got there late, but the important thing was getting to hear Eric Schlosser (author of Fast Food Nation). He gave a really interesting talk about the morals, practises, and all around value in fast food, and the thinking behind it. I also got to meet him after and had him sign my book. (yea, I'm a nerd). After that, went down to Lacey to pick up my baby, and went out to eat with her family. It is really awsome how they treat me, it seems like I'm almost part of the family.

Sunday...went to a talk in Montclair given by NOAH LEVINE!!! I can't tell you how long I've been wanting to meet him. He is the author of Dharma Punx, which is one of the best books I have read in quite some time. Kerry and I went to his talk/meditation, and it was really incredible. It was the first time I acually got to meditate, which is something I've been wanting to do for quite some time, but always put off for one reason or another. It was extremely uncomfortable at first, but I hope I will continue often enough to get used to it. The talk really just opened my soul, so to speak, but I left with such a great feeling. I also got to talk to Noah during the breaks, and he is a really nice guy. I'm hoping to go to his weekly sessions in NY, but I still have some big obstacles to overcome. He will hopefully be teaching in Montclair monthly, which I will definatly be at. (again, I got him to sign my book). After that Kerry and I went to the Slipknot/LambofGod/Shadow's Fall show, which I wasn't in the right state of mind for, but none the less had an awsome time. The night ended just hanging out in Kerry's dorm for about an hour, just talking. This was really an incredible weekend, and it also helped me feel like I can acually DO things, which always helps. Well...onto mid-terms..

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, January 17th, 2005
9:15 pm
update (again)
Ok, so I updated this about a week ago, and I still got yelled at for not updating enough (lol), so I went back and checked, and my entries are not there. very weird...but anyway...

christmas and new years were great. did the normal christmas stuff with the family, and new years jumped between two parties (one with eric and liz, and the other at alec's) and had an awsome time at both. saw lots of people i haven't seen in too long, but still not everyone :(

hmm, for a while now I've been hanging out with this girl Kerry from school, and over break we started talking A LOT, and we have a shit load in common. I acually asked her out on Sat. and said said yes She lives in south jersey (well, just about everything in jersey is south of here), but it is about half way down the parkway. she is moving back into the dorms on Wed :) Grrr...I feel like a giddy little kid, butterflies and all...well, you all know me well enough and know I am a complete dork. I really can't explain how happy she makes me :)

ummm, other than that my break has been pretty uneventful. I saw a few people I don't get to see often, but as I said before, there are still plenty of people I haven't seen in way too long. unless you have an ocean seperating us, you must visit!! lol...I know, I haven't been around too much anyway. well, school starts the end of the week, and that is about it. i'll talk to you all soon i hope..

Current Mood: loved
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
1:51 am
tonight was interesting...I went to the WSOU (not so) Silent Night show, mostly to see from autumn to ashes and seemless. I miss seemless of course, but fata was awsome. I hate to admit it, but andrew wk does put on a kick ass show. anyway, it started off pretty crappy, i was almost going to leave. my anxiety was acting up and i saw the asshole that knocked up two of my friends, and dated a third. he is a piece of shit, yet he still gets these amazing girls...go figure. it pissed me off to see that one of them is still with him, and it pissed me off even more to realize that a worthless asshole like that has no problem getting girls, yet i can't seem to find one (even if i were acually actively looking).

on a more possitive note, I GOT HIT ON!! lol, now you all know that my abilities to pick up on a girl hitting on me is right up their with dubya's ability to run this country. she smiled at me...i'm figuring no big deal, lots of girls smile. then she starts walking away and constantly looking back...another coincidence probably. so this continues several times, coincidence again i assume. finally, i'm passing her on the way into the show and she grabs my arm and winks at me...then it hits me...she is ACUALLY hitting on me. it was a nice ego boost, but it isn't like i would have had the balls to talk to her anyway (even if she was more of my type). i also got to hang out with jeff which was cool, saw ryan mcgan (or however his name is spelled) who i haven't seen in a while, and mat p. overall it ended up being a pretty decent night.

tomorrow i MUST start writing this 15 page paper that is due Tues, and study for my last final on monday. yup, i'm pretty screwed! and a bit lonely...but mostly screwed. anyway, i'll talk to ya'll later

Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, December 12th, 2004
9:11 pm
kick ass weekend
This weekend turned out pretty damn good. I saw Gotham Road on Sat. and then went down to visit Kristen at Rutgers (a small accomplishment within itself). We (Kristen, Mer, Alec and I) all got drunk and had a blast. My anxiety was up there, but still managed to have a great time. We all passed out (I forgot how much I love and hate bunkbeds) around 5 in the morning and woke up around 2. It was nice to finally sleep. I think I was begining to forget what it was like. It was great to acually feel like somewhat of a normal social kid. Today we all went out to the diner and mall (mall sucked, but company was great). Me being the genious I am, forgot my meds, so my anxiety started going through the roof :(. I got home a little while ago, and now I have a few papers to write.

So, apart from feeling really great from this weekend, I am now watching "Love Acually" which is a totally sappy movie that I absolutely love. It is making me realize 2 things. One, I am depressed about being alone, more than usual that is. Two, most of the girls I know (not all of them, including a few people on here) are attracted to the most complete assholes that they can find. You have these AMAZING girls, I mean, truely good, beautiful, caring, beyond description, amazing girls...and they date total losers that aren't worth the ground they walk on. Some of these girls I would kill for a chance to be with, even for a moment, and others I just truely love as friends...but either way...they are dating complete morons. The kind of guy that treats them like shit, makes them feel bad, does dumbass things, etc... I just don't get it. Mer explained it to me that some girls just like having an asshole because when the asshole is nice, they feel really special. I am really just at a loss. Reguardless of my feelings for them, I know they deserve so much better, and it acually, physically, hurts me to know that they don't have what they deserve. Grrr...damn emotions.

Well, I should really get to my papers, and hopefully leave my emotions out of them. I think it is a combo of missing my meds, and just feeling alone that is causing this emotional fubar which is my mind. (and also seeing amazing girls with assholes) but anyway...back to being a manly man..red meat, power tools, football, sleeping around...YEA! That's me!! (did I convince anyone at all?)

Oi, I feel...weird...oh well...

Current Mood: all of the above..loney..happy
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
7:55 am
why...why the fuck?!?!?!!
It is now almost 8 in the morning, I haven't slept in 2 days because I've been writing papers that I should have done quite a while ago, but that isn't why I'm not sleeping right now.
Apparently, last night in a nightclub in Ohio some motherfucker shot and killed Dimebag Darrell (Pantera, Damageplan). I heard rumors that another member of the band was also killed, but the media doesn't think this is important enough to cover...
This guy was one of the first musicians I got into. I met him once, he was drunk as hell, but also a really awsome guy. His brother, Vinnie Paul has to be one of the coolest musicians I have met. They both were so fucking awsome to me. I just can't believe this bullshit happened. I so need to sleep right now, but I am just so enraged, upset, depressed...hell, you pick the damn emotion. How the fuck could this happen?? Why would some fuck decide to go kill a musician that didn't do shit to anyone. I understand the rap thing (don't get me wrong, it is still terrible) being ganster and talking shit about other people, but why the fuck did he have to kill Dimebag?
I'm sorry, but I am just an emotional wreck at the moment. Pantera has to be one of my favorite bands...hell, they were the first show I saw. Dimebag was throwing guitar picks at me before they took the stage. I just can't fucking believe something like this happened. And what is worse...the fucking gun companies are selling their shit so that every single day some feels like me, or worse, because someone they care about was killed needlessly.

Current Mood: depressed, pissed off, sad,
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
1:12 am
I should be writing this extremely boring and pointless paper on some book that in all honesty, I found trite and boring. Also, I am about to throw my tv out the window (which would be a smart move reguardless) because of this bullshit news on FOX where they insist on saying that anyone who hates America is wrong and also an extremist. Fuck that, I hate the government, I think right now it is acting as an evil force in the world...oi vey, damn FOX. I hate the media...Anyway, So, here I am to talk about my weekend...
Friday was pretty cool. I hung out with Eric, Kerry and Clara at Eric's dorm. They were drunk, but I had to drive and work in the morning so no glug glug for me. We still had fun, and all ended up back at my house for some reason. We watched supersize me and passed out...and that was pretty much my day.
Saturday...went to see the Bouncing Souls at Starland. I missed Murphy's Law and Against Me! unfortunatly, but it was still a great show. I acually won this raffle and got about 8 autographed bouncing souls CD's. Adam and I hung out after the show, and Chris said he'd put me on the list for Manson on Tues.
Today was Sarah's birthday, but we didn't do too much. We had to wait around for the dryer to get delivered, Eric came over, and yea...I'm sure just about everyone reading this is bored. Oh well.
Tomorrow is Metal Church and 3 Inches of Blood (get your ripped jeans and tight shirts ready!), Tuesday is Manson, Weds. I'm hopefully having dinner with AJ, if not, I'll see Connected (Fern from the Step King's band) at Connections...
I haven't got much further than that...
Anyway...I back to the paper :(
at least tomorrow is philosophy club meeting!!

Current Mood: procrastinative
Monday, November 15th, 2004
12:14 am
return to being social
so this weekend was pretty damn awsome...

Friday night I saw Slayer, Killswitch Engage, Mastadon, Dry Kill Logic at Starland. (although I got their late cause of traffic and missed dkl :( ) Hung out with Adam and Jeff, and of course KSE and Slayer kicked ass. After the show we stayed to break down the set, lots of work, but I got to meet Slayer and even got paid :). I got paid to see Slayer, that is damn impressive! I think I finally got home around 430 in the morning.

Saturday, up by 8 to take a shower and get to Felician for the Fall NJ Philosophical Convention. I missed the first session because I had to work (aka make nametags and greet everyone) but I got to go to the main session and afternoon session. I'm still not quite sure about what the main session was about, the speaker spoke in acrinims (i know, i can't spell). But, Dr. Casey couldn't understand him either, so I don't feel so bad. The second session was talks about Rawls which was really interesting. The whole gathering just really kicked ass. I hung out with Eric and Kerry for most of the day, and also hung out with Joanne, who I found out, I acually know. I met her when I was about 15 or 16 when I got kicked out of the Lodi Public Library because of her and her friends. We had a great time, and it turns out she is dating Justin (8 ball) who is one of my friends from WAY back in the day. I really had a great time hangin out with her, even though she declined to hang out with us after because of previous engagements, lol. After the talks there was an after party which involved two of my favorite things...free philosophy books and alcohol! Then Kerry, Eric and other girl who's name I can't remember, went to Barnes and Noble for a few hours (in case you can't tell, I love books) and then got dinner at IHOP. By this point I am completely exhausted, but continuing on my return to being social, I went to John and Lex's and hung out with most of the crew (Alec, Brian, Paul, Nell, etc). I finally got home about 3 in the morning.

Today I mostly just cleaned. Also did the usual Simpsons and hung out with Scott and Sarah for a while. I also got a random im from Kerry (Bell) telling me that Jenn just had a baby with the same piece of shit she did. Why do woman fall for such complete assholes? Anyway, I did get to talk to AJ (alisha) for a while which was cool. We had quite a long discussion last week in which we both pretty much laid all our cards on the table. She likes me apparently, but she has a boyfriend (is it possible for a single girl to be attracked to me?), but we're still hanging out a lot, and probably having dinner sometime this week. Tomorrow should be pretty kick ass considering I should be seeing AJ and Joanne tomorrow.

Courtney, sorry I didn't get back to you, I've litterally been passing out almost every night as soon as I got home. I PROMISE I'll call you tomorrow, please don't think I'm ignoring you or anything.

Anyway, I have a ton of work to do, so I must run. I'm sure most of you stopped reading by this point anyway, lol. Talk to ya'll later.


Current Mood: happy
Sunday, November 7th, 2004
1:22 am
muddled cries play like an orchestra through my head. she screams at me in a language i can not understand. i see her as clear as day, yet I see only my blurred reflection in her eyes. the crisp autumn leaves circle around us in a frenzied desire for recognition. there is a beauty in their ordered chaos, yet they hold themselves humbled at having the honor of providing the background scene for this single moment. her hair blows across the curves of her smiling face. the tears trace the lines that i find irresistible. our conversation goes on, but the words are not what gives it meaning. the world passes us by in a rush trying to reach a goal that doesn't exist. time has no meaning between her and i. nothing has meaning between her and i except for this single moment that will never end.

feeling randomly poetic...(or delusional enough to convince myself that i am). this is only randomly based on a conversation, so don't read into it. well, since i slept through the show tonight (sorry adam) i'll probably be up for a bit more. i'll try to sleep before i start writing more fantacies of hopeless romantic existentialism. if anyone finds meaning is this please let me know....cause i sure as hell can't..or maybe it is just the world that hides meaning from me. see, this is what happens when you become a philosophy major...you start writing things that probably only make sense to one person, and that one person isn't you. lol, i feel like these ramblings should be coming from me after mass amounts of alcohol. then again, i'm in a sleep deprevated euphoria with Sartre on my mind. i'll talk to ya'll later.

Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, November 6th, 2004
1:04 am
last rant about the election, i promise
Okay, I know it's over, but one thing is really bothering me. You want to vote for Bush because you're rich, or own a corporation fine. But look at the polls taken before the election in the midwest and south. Overwhellmingly, Kerry was seen as having a better economic possition, better foriegn policy, was seen as being more intelligent, better healthcare policy, better forgeign relations...and the list goes on and on. So why did he lose? It is because the 'moral' base came out in record numbers to keep gay marriage illegal and try to keep abortion as illegal as possible. Abortion is a very personal issue, so I won't get into it, but quite frankly, it should not be the sole issue you vote on. Now, the homosexual issue...WHAT THE FUCK!!! You are more worried about seeing to guys kiss then you are about watching 1000+ troops killed, the economy fail and America being hated in the world community! First of all, if marriage is some 'sacred' institution, then you shouldn't be able to do it in a drive thru in vegas. Second, once you gain federal rights and benefits, it becomes a right everyone should have. Third...wtf???? if you voted solely on this 'moral' issue, you should not have the right to vote. If you can show me where in the Bible Jesus says ANYTHING about gay people, I'll take it back. But seriously, are you going to vote for someone who is killing thousands of Iraqis, not going after the real terrorist, taking away Constitutional rights, killing the environment, being a tool of big business....all because two guys kissing?? This is not a fundamental difference in political ideologies, this is fucking insanity.

So anyway, it's over, the bad guy won, and there is nothing I can do about it...except spend the next four years changing this flawed system that we live in. It is 2004, and there were still voter intimindations, computer problems, counting errors, disenfranchisment, etc. This country needs real change and it isn't going to come from the errorist (republican) or a jackass. We need real change, and the only place it can start is in each one of us. Only 17% of 18-25 yr olds voted. That is down right embarrasing. Grrrrr!!!

Okay, on to other things...love life=nadda....work sucks...school is cool, but really hectic. Making new friends, saw I <3 Huckabees (incredible movie), and yea...that is about it. I'm intersted in this one girl, but...she has a boyfriend (like ANYTHING could be different for me)...but time will tell. Anyway....yea...I'll post more when I calm down a bit. Yay! for Noam Chomsky on the Bill Maher show.

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
10:27 pm
God Help Us All
This is a letter I wrote to my politics proffesor. It pretty much sums up my feelings right now, but I did leave out the big FUCK BUSH!!!! This country is so fucking screwed for the next four years. I just hope this screws the Republicans for the next few decades. I missed class this morning because I was up till 5 in the morning watching the decline of my civilization. Anyway, here is the letter:

Hello Prof. Scardino,
I figured I better sit down and write a short note to cover everything I wanted to say rather then get caught up in the emotions that I'm sure will run through the class tomorrow. Also, I don't want to take up the entire class with my ranting.

Obviously I am disappointed with the results. What upsets me more than Bush winning is the fact that reguardless of every effort that was made to get the younger age group to vote, it basically failed. I believe it was something like 17% that acually voted in the 18-25 yr old age group, the same as in the 2000 election. My electoral college predictions were way off because I wrongly believed that the mass amounts of new voters registered would acually come out and vote for Kerry. The one good thing is that this election had the highest turnout rate since 1968. It was still only 60% of the registered voters, but it is a step in the right direction.

I can't help but find irony in the way America voted. Supposidly, Bush was most popular with his 'defense on terrorism'. I won't get into how false that is, but I think it is incredibly ironic that the states that would most likely be terroistic targets (tri-state area, California and DC) all went for Kerry. In DC there was a 90% vote for Kerry. Middle America may be fearful of terrorism, but these areas are the ones that have to primarily deal with it, and they all voted blue. Ohio has suffered greatly under the Bush administration with a loss of 12% of all manufacturing jobs, yet the economy was a weak issue. I really wish people would take the time to inform themselves better but, alas, it hasn't happened (yet). I still heard too many reasons to vote for Bush being that Terriza (spelling?) Kerry is too outspoken, Kerry is a flipflopper, and Bush seems like a guy I would like to have a beer with. Then again, I can't say it is solely a problem on the Republican side. I know many people voted for Kerry because 'anything is better than Bush'.

I also terribly underestimated the fear of homosexual marriage. I guess living in a somewhat liberal state, I forget that many people still are homophobic, and will let that effect their vote. I believe 10 of the 11 states with banning gay marriage on the ballot passed it, overwhelmingly. I really underestimated the ability of the Republicans to get the Christian base out in force. Equal rights never seems to be apparent until it is a part of history.

A small part of me wanted Bush to win simply because the person in office will have to suffer the effects of a slipping economy, increased threat of terrorism, Iraqi occupation and poor worldwide views. I wanted to see Bush have to face these consequenses, but I wasn't willing to see him in office for another four years.

I want to believe there was voting fraud, or some other conspiracy, but I know there wasn't. I just want something to make me feel better about all of this, lol. I want to give up on politics and simply say people deserve what they get, but I can't. If anything I am just further energized to make a difference and become active in politics. Apathy and ignorance should never be an excuse for not voting (or voting uninformed). I just pray this country gets stronger, and Bush changes at least some of his policies. I look foward to the day when the difference between R and D is big business, size of government and taxation. (only for the fact that I will be able to see them as differences in opinion and not complete ethical opposites.) Then again, I also look foward to finding another Howard Dean that I can truly believe in. Well, sorry for the rant, but I just needed to vent. I'll see you in class
DaVe Gethings

Current Mood: depressed
Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
11:29 pm
so this weekend was pretty damn cool. I saw Metallica on Friday night and Saturday night was Bad Religion and Rise Against. Both shows were amazing. I caught a guitar pick from Kirk, and I also got a Bad Religion guitar pick! I love how the smallest thing can thrill me.

This week is midterms, which are always a pain in the ass, plus Rob is on vacation at work so I've been working a lot more, and trying to control that store is fucking insane. well...i should really go study, so i'll leave it here...check me out on myspace.com if you're bored.
peace! (back to the 80's yo)

Current Mood: (just thinking about the band)
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
12:39 am
mid-mid life crisis
So yesterday was John and Lex's wedding. It was awsome, beautiful, fun, basically everything a wedding should be. It's great to see two people so happy. Plus it was pretty cool that I finally made it to one of those. My anxiety is slowly getting better...I think.

It is kinda weird...4 of my friends had weddings this year...1 for sure next year (maybe more), 5 kids from my friends, 2 still in the oven...it is insane. It just feels weird that this is all happening to MY FRIENDS...people my age. LOL, I guess I just expected there to be a clear point where its like...okay, now this next part of life begins. I mean, this isn't a negative thing in any way, shape or form...it's just...idk...i feel old, lol. Or, I should say I feel like I haven't done enough yet. I don't have my B.A., a fiance, or kids (that I know of). I'm not in a rush for any of them, well, maybe the degree so I can get my ass moving...but other than that...life is just wierd sometimes.

Anyway, classes are going fairly well, busy as hell, but what else is new. I guess I should get running and at least start some of what is due tomorrow.

Current Mood: eh
Sunday, October 3rd, 2004
4:49 am
its almost 5 in the morning....i've seen about 8 bands this weekend, all female fronted, 90% being really hot, and now i'm piss drunk...i wish some girl was here to take advantage of me (tears role down my face). yea, i drunk and have papers tomorrow...this probably won't make sense in the morning, so i'm going to sleep now...

Current Mood: drunk
Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
2:19 am
Kittie Otep Crisis and a good fucking night
So tonight pretty much rocked. The Kittie, Otep Crisis show at Starland was great. All three bands kicked ass, ran into a few good friends, hung out with Adam...it was a kick ass night. Also, I helped Chris (the stage manager) take apart the stage afterwards, and basically he said anytime I want to help to just let him know and he'll get me into the show. SWEET!!! Free shows always kick ass. Especially considering I don't know if I'll be able to get tix for Manson and I definatly want to be there.

After the show Adam and I hung out with Otep, Evil J, all of Crisis, Lisa and Mercedes from Kittie...also saw James with his new band Number 12 Looks Like You, and so that kicked ass as well.

I have so much work to do this weekend (3 papers and a shitload of reading) and I am so trying to not think about it. Tomorrow is One True Thing, Sunday is Ill Nino maybe (we'll see how much I get done). Argh...so many plans so little time. Procrastination and accepting the man's 7 day week kinda kills me. Dear God, please add an extra day...for me...please.

I'm also coming down from the rush of seeing John Kerry wipe the floor with Bush at the debates. I just hope people who are going to vote acually watched them. I feel like this election is going to be more of an intelligence test rather than a democratic election. I hope America can pass. No Child Left Behind hasn't had enough time for me to blame American lack of intelligence....so, lets cross our fingers. Also..anyone in Jersey, the deadline to register to vote is SUNDAY...go do it now...go to town hall or be lazy and do it on about a million websites, chooseorlose.com, moveon.org, and a million more have links. DO IT NOW!!!

okay..time to pass out...peace

Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, September 26th, 2004
7:42 pm
yea yea, i know its been a while
So this weekend had mixed results. I acually got a shitload accomplished yesterday..did all my laundry (i have clean clothes again!!!)...cleaned my room, or at least got a good start to it...went drinking with Scott for his b-day..and got to see Alec and Brian as well. Also finally saw Courtney for a whole 30 mins or so. With the exception of some drama between friends, yesterday pretty much rocked.

Today on the otherhand, kinda sucked. I woke up at 12 even though I didn't go to sleep until 7am. So basically I slept on and off for the whole day. But the plus note is that I got to watch about 8 episodes of Decisive Battles on the History Channel.

School has been a little tough, but so far I'm managing ok. 18 credits is not fun, but at least I'm through it. I also found out I'm supposed to do 15 hours of community service for the honors program..yea, that is not gonna happen. compulsory volunteer work...anyone else have a problem with that statement!!

oh well...this week is gonna be busy, but hopefully i'll get more done than i did this past week.

Current Mood: geeky
Tuesday, September 7th, 2004
9:02 pm
I'm exhausted. Today was really hectic, and this is just the beginning. Instead of taking 15 credits, I'm now taking 18. I've been to three classes so far and I already need 12 books. I don't even know how many I'll need for the other three classes. So far all 3 classes seem like they'll be really good, as long as I acually keep up with the work this semester. The class I just got home from (philosophy in literature) seems like it will be really cool. It is a 300 level honors course with a whole 5 people in it. The teacher is a young german native who seems really cool. She is down to earth and almost seems like just one of the class. So far I've ran into quite a few people I knew from other classes that I am taking classes with again. (gotta love tiny schools). The teachers from my other classes I have had before, and one of them has to be one of my favorite teachers I've had period. He is the one that convinced me to do a double major in philosophy. I'm really looking foward to this semester, but dreading the workload. Acually, I think I'm just pissed that I won't have time to read the books I want because I'll be reading so many other books. (2 lit courses, 300 and 400 level, what the $&@* was I thinking??) Well, it is about 9pm, and I think I'm just gonna lay down, watch a movie and hopefully pass out before my 8 am class tomorrow. I really hate changing my sleeping habits. Damn mornings! oh well...hopefully I'll catch up with everyone soon...

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Friday, August 13th, 2004
8:31 pm
7:50 pm
Vacation WooHoo
Okay....time to relay what happened on my summer vacation (I feel like I'm back in grade school)...

Sun...7AM...wake up and take a train to Milwaukee, but for some reason, the best way to go from Jersey to Wisconsin is by going south to Washington DC, then to Virginia, across country and up to Chicago. Then, we (my mom and I) get a train to Milwaukee, and get there about 3 PM on Monday. Acually, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. The train for DC was supposed to leave Penn Station in Newark at 930. We get there an hour early like we're supposed to, and walk up to the track. Well, there is a train there, so we figure we should get on. It doesn't occur to either one of us that our train isn't supposed to leave till 930, and it is only 830. Well, it was the wrong train. So, we end up at Newark airport where, luckily, our train was going to make a stop anyway. So, the trip begins.

Mon...4PM...we get to my uncle's house where the rental car is, and we start the 5 hour drive to Land O Lakes. On the way there, I'm talking to my mom about how it has been 23 years, and I've still never seen a bear in the wild. Well, about 30 minutes later, a small bear bounds across the road about 100 feet in front of us. Kick Ass!!

So we spent the weak in this amazing cabin that overlooks Moon Lake. I mean, you walk out onto the deck and the water in 5 feet away. It is an amazingly beautiful cabin. I got to see most of my family who I missed incredibly. (lets see if I can get them all..Uncle Dave, Aunt Sandy, Chris, Jesse, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Lynn, Mat, Sarah, Jeff, Karis, Lauren (who I met for the first time) Aunt Eileen, Shennan, Sue, Aurora, baby Lazarus (who I also met for the first time)...and I think thats it.) We had a ton of fun between campfires, swimming, fishing, boating, eating at the Loose Moose, White Stag (best steak house ever), Burnt Bridge, Hillside, etc, went hiking, found a cool secluded lake called Twist Lake by our cabin, went to the Casino, Bond Falls, Mystery Light, Ottawa National Forrest, and got some awsome stuff at a city wide rumage sale. I have this BEAUTIFUL wood carving of an image of a seaotter from the Haita tribe.

The wildlife was great this year. We saw a ton of deer, including a few newborn fawns, and some huge bucks. The bear, a coyotee, groundhog, loons, bald eagle (swooped down right in front of the cabin), red fox, porcupine, hawks, a cute family of racoons (about 8 little ones, and their mom), a fisher, etc. I got a lot of it on tape (I hope). My cousin acually caught two 18 inch bass on the same lure (it had two hooks on it) at the same time. The taxidermist said it was the strangest story he had ever heard.

Uncle Dave, Uncle Chuck, Chris, Jesse, Mat and myself went golfing, well in all honestly it was more hacking. We had a blast, and laughed more than anything else. It is always a riot with my family. A few deer even came onto the course while we were playing. My cousins were better at golfing than myself and my uncles, but no one cared about the score.

Besides the train ride, the trip was so relaxing. At night we would either sit by the campfire talking, watch the cousins play cards, go shining, or I would watch the meteor shower over the lake. I got a chance to catch up on some reading. DHARMA PUNX by Noah Levine was inspiring. It was all about a kid who got into drugs and a superficial lifestyle but never found meaning. He found some meaning in the music scene, but it wasn't enough. He turned to Eastern Religions and meditation to bring meaning to his life. Really amazing, I would really suggest it to everyone. I also read the Life of Alexander the Great by Plutarch, which was also great, but a little hard to understand the way it was translated from 43 AD.

My anxiety didn't do as bad as I thought it would. It was there, but I still did most of the things I wanted to. The train rides were hell, but I expected much worse. The train home ended up being 6 hours late, for a grand total of 30 hours on the train. There were two guys with a harmonica and guitar, playing some good blues, so it was kinda cool. The trip was really what I needed.

I had absolutly no cell reception up there which I think you both knew. I don't know if anyone else tried to call me, but I only got messages from Courtney, Liz, and Chad from Hemlock, who hopefully I'll see tomorrow. I'm still trying to get my body back in schedule, and I have a shit load of mail to go through. Courtney...I will call you soon, I promise, and Liz, call me when you can. Lany....if you'd ever stay online, I'd acually get to talk to you, miss doesn't want to call. I have to find the gifts I got for a few people. Argh...well, time to try to go get everything done....I missed everyone, and hopefully will get to see all of you soon...

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